Tulsa Musician's Car Stolen With Priceless Guitar Inside

Sunday, October 6th 2019, 8:37 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

If you've ever been lucky enough to hear David Mooney play his bass, you know it's his calling from the first note to the last. 

"When you're making music you're a part of something bigger," said Mooney. 

Mooney played at church Sunday morning, and though you would never know it, he had to play someone else's instrument, after his priceless red bass and 2008 black Cherokee jeep was stolen this week. 

I came home from a meeting, and don't know if it was there when I got home but when I came back out a couple hours later the car was gone," Mooney told News on 6.

Cheryl McGee plays in the band "Bassically Sax" with Mooney, and was there when David made the discovery.

"It was horrifying because I couldn't imagine someone doing that. I don't know how someone could live with themselves after doing something like that, because the bass was a part of him," says McGee.  

A month and half ago, Mooney said his motorcycle was stolen, all happening at his apartment complex, Brittany Square, off of Harvard and 35th. 

Mooney said the apartment has gates and security cameras. However, he said the thieves were able to steal the jeep right from his assigned parking spot, and no one caught it on tape.

The jeep also had an amplifier inside, his credit card, and coats. But Mooney said that all can be replaced - but his guitar was one of a kind.

"If I go out and buy that exact model a duplicate of it, its not going to play the same as the one that I lost," said Mooney.

He said his friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help him buy a new bass. 

"Bad things happen but it was an opportunity for my family and friends to step up and show me how much they love me," said Mooney. 

Mooney has filed a police report but so far, there have been no leads.