Loaded Gun Left In Page Park Trash Can In Sand Springs

Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 5:13 pm
By: News On 6

Police say the man found a loaded gun, just feet away from where he and his son were eating lunch in at Page Park in Sand Springs.

They say when he got up to throw away his trash he saw a gun barrel in the garbage can.

“He stuck his hand in the trash can and pulled out a weapon,” says Robin Bailey who lives across the street and watched it happen.

Bailey says this is way too close for comfort. The man found the loaded gun just feet away from where her grandkids play every day.

"It's very terrifying. I’m scared for them to even go in the park and play,” says Bailey. “They could have shot themselves, dropped it, it went off, anything."

Police say the man saw the barrel sticking out of a nylon case in the garbage can. Officers say the man thought it was an airsoft gun so he reached in to grab it and check it out.

"We showed up, and it was a real gun and it was really loaded. The magazine was full. It had a round in the chamber,” says Captain Todd Enzbrenner with Sand Springs Police.

Enzbrenner says as a parent this is terrifying and as law enforcement, it's very concerning.

"There are kids down at that park all of the time, playing basketball pickup games, kids throwing frisbees around, one of them gets a hand on it that’s not familiar with firearms, and next thing we know we have a tragedy,” says Enzbrenner.

Enzbrenner says the man did the right thing by calling the police, but he says you should never touch a gun you find in public.

"If you see a firearm in a trash can, in a ditch, in the field, anywhere in public where the public is hanging out, call local law enforcement,” says Enzbrenner.

Right now police are still working to see who the gun belongs to. They are just thankful no one got hurt.