Retired Oklahoma Homicide Sergeant Starts Podcast

Wednesday, August 28th 2019, 8:34 pm
By: News On 6

Retired Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker has just started doing podcasts about murder cases he helped solved.

Walker spent 36 years on the Tulsa Police Department. He worked undercover for drugs, burglary, robbery and spent his last seven years, working homicide.

Sergeant Dave Walker has been retired from the department for a year now and of course people are always wanting him to talk about his old cases. He's found a way to talk about those cases, in depth and with details we've never heard before.

"This is Dave Walker and this is Solve em when you've got them," said Walker.

Walker can talk from memory about pretty much every murder he worked since 2011 and he wants to do that, as a way to chronicle those cases and all that went into solving them.

"Back stories to a lot of these cases that you don't get on the news or in the trials. There's a lot of interesting characters in law enforcement and some interesting characters on the crime side and how these cases come together, don't get told other than in story form," Walker said.

He thought about writing a book but decided that didn't suit him. Talking about the cases he lived through, worried about, and felt connected to he could do.

"We can get into the emotional part of working these crime scenes and get into the detective's side, we're not just someone you see on TV with a notepad, stepping over dead bodies, it affects us a lot more than even we want to admit at that time," Walker said.

He says a lot of crime shows are only about entertainment, and that didn't feel right to him. He wanted to do something with a purpose and believes making a record of these cases is important for the victims, their families, the officers, and DA's who worked to get justice.

"At the end, we're all working toward one goal - to solve somebody's loved one's murder," Walker said.

He plans to release one podcast a week and you can find them on Spotify and iTunes.



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