Trained Goose Dog Saves ORU Students From Vicious Geese

Friday, August 23rd 2019, 8:52 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

Oral Roberts University students are having issues getting to class, due to a campus populated with too many geese.

“Sometimes when they lay nests, they will come up to you and attack you,” said one ORU student.

Another student told News on 6 that the geese even hiss at her.

“I am inside my car and they will just hiss at me, and I'm like, ‘I’m inside my car, I won’t bother you!’” she said.

Students must constantly look down, in fear they will step in goose droppings.

“People get tired of geese, all the time everywhere you go there's droppings everywhere,” said Vauntez Purnell, an ORU senior. “Sometimes you mess up your shoes or you slip and fall.”

Thankfully, the school hired a hero to save the day.

Marlboro the border collie, who has the unique job of warding off the feathery felons, with his trusty owner Kira Arbuckle, co-owner of AAAC Wildlife Removal, by his side.

“He is a goose dog, so he's trained to chase Canadian geese, especially the ones that are now a nuisance to Tulsa in general,” said Arbuckle.

Arbuckle and Marlboro are on campus twice a day. The geese think Marlboro is a predator and fly away. Arbuckle said the process is certified and safe.

“He doesn’t touch them, he doesn’t come into contact with them, and it’s for that reason this is a Human Society and PETA approved method of geese control,” said Arbuckle.

Marlboro has only been working on the campus for about two weeks and is already beloved by students and the entire school.

Students say they feel better because they worry less about geese and don’t have the added stress of being on the lookout as they walk to class.

Gathering Place also has a goose-dog named Goose, who was trained with Marlboro.

Arbuckle said they are now in talks with the City of Tulsa about hiring Marlboro.

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