Cherokee Nation Helps Provide New Gear For Muskogee Co. Deputies

Friday, August 9th 2019, 7:27 pm
By: Erick Payne

Deputies will now be equipped with new top-tier gear thanks to the Cherokee Nation and several grants.

Every deputy in Muskogee County will now wear a new body armor vest, and the chief deputy said this is just the beginning of a plan to update everything.

The newest handguns, lighting and holsters, are all being issued to deputies at the sheriff's department.

Chief Deputy Michael Mahan said deputies used to have to bring their own firearm to work, but not anymore.

 "We're just sort of trying to redo everything, get everybody in this agency the most modern equipment that we can, and that way we’re able to protect the public even better,” Mahan said.

Part of protecting the public, is making sure deputies themselves are safe, which is why the Cherokee Nation presented them with a check. That money was used to buy brand new body armor.

"Generally body armor is rated at 5 years so this will take care of our guys for quite a while," Mahan said.

It's gear sized to fit every deputy and will be used every day in the field.

"We’ve seen a lot in the news lately; armed subjects shooting into crowds. If you look at those images you see sometimes officers just don’t have anywhere to take cover,” Mahan said.

That's why this new body armor crucial, and why the sheriff's office is grateful for the support of the community.

"With them being able to do that, and the potential for saving an officers life, that is a big thing that we’re very thankful for,” Mahan said.

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