2 Men In Custody After Stealing Trailer From Construction Site

Sunday, August 4th 2019, 3:23 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Tulsa police recovered a stolen trailer after it was taken from a construction site near 11th Street and Memorial Sunday morning. 

“It’s a Sunday. So a lot of people are off. Not working on construction sites," said Tulsa Police Sgt. Chris Moudy. "So that’s when burglars like to target those locations.” 

Moudy said a man called police around 5:45 Sunday morning while he said two men were currently stealing a trailer from the construction site. 

“The owner of the trailer, he was able to view this from a remote camera. Called us notified us,” said Moudy. “He reported as it was happening. He was viewing it live on his security feed.”

The caller gave officers a description of the black dual axle trailer that was taken. Minutes later and just two miles from the original location where the trailer went missing, officers noticed a truck pulling a trailer that matched the description from the caller. Police pulled the truck over and after speaking with the two men from inside the cab arrested.

Police said the owner of the trailer positively identified Donalson and Hoffman as the men from the surveillance video who took the trailer. Officers said while speaking with the two men Donalson and Hoffman both admitted to taking the trailer. 

“They were targeting this strictly for the value of the trailer,” said Moudy.

Officers said the dual axle trailer is estimated to cost around $11,000. Both Donalson and Hoffman are facing possible grand larceny charges.