Family Want Answers Nearly 2 Years After Finding Their Brother Dead Near Chouteau

Wednesday, July 31st 2019, 11:56 pm
By: News On 6

Mayes County deputies said they are tracking down new leads that might help them solve a cold case.

They are searching for two people of interest in connection to the death of a man found in a burning car near Chouteau almost two years ago. The victim's sisters said answers are long overdue.

For some people, time goes by too fast but for the family of Greg Loving time is a cruel reminder of the years they've have gone without answers.

"When families would go on TV pleading for help for their lost love ones, I never really could understand that pain and I do now. It is just very empty. There is no closure. It is hard to move forward," said Greg’s sister Kelli Newman.

On October 29th of 2017 someone found Greg Loving in a burning car near Chouteau. His sisters, Kelli and Jessika, said losing Greg was the first major loss they’ve gone through. The grief has come in waves and has changed forms over time but the sisters said they are at a standstill until they have answers.

"Going through that is so hard, and as tragic as it was now you have this person or persons that are still out there," said Jessika.

Deputies at the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office said they have never given up on the case. The fire at the scene destroyed a lot of evidence and Greg used a landline, not a cellphone, which deputies said made it harder to piece together the last moments of his life.

Deputies said they have made progress but have not found anyone responsible.

"I am not going to say he was perfect by any means, but he would do anything to help anyone," said Jessika.

A few weeks ago, deputies got a new tip and said they are searching for two people of interest that they believe are still living in Oklahoma. While deputies follow leads, Greg's family is pleading for anyone who knows what happened to come forward.

"I'm just kind of teary just thinking about it," said Newman, "I know someone knows something. It would be a huge gift to our family to come forward and help us. Help us solve this mystery."

The family is offering a $1 thousand reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction. Remember, your tips can remain anonymous.

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