Tulsa Police Investigating 2 Deaths After Gunfight Near Local Gym

Thursday, July 18th 2019, 8:58 pm
By: Erick Payne

Tulsa Police Homicide Detectives are investigating a deadly shooting outside the Vasa Fitness Center near 51st and Memorial.

Police said two people are dead and another one is in the hospital. They've been identified as Malik Morgan and DeAunte McKnight.

The lead homicide detective said they are not looking for any suspects because all the three victims shot at each other during a gunfight in the parking lot of the gym.

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Investigators said they looked at surveillance video and saw two vehicles pull up in the parking lot. A total of four men were in the cars, and three of them started shooting at each other, authorities said.

Police say all three victims fired gunshots and two of them died, but the third person is expected to survive.      

Homicide detectives said the man who was with the victims left the scene, but they are hoping to talk with him.

"We've got some ideas but still looking for some witnesses and going to talk to them first," said Sgt. Brandon Watkins. 

Watkins said Vasa is usually a safe area, and gym members should not be worried for their safety.

"People meet up to do mischief in odd spots," Sgt. Watkins said. "This is an odd place for that sort of thing to open but yes, it's a nice area - a nice gym."

Police say the names of the victims are not being released yet because all of their closest family members have not been informed.