Jellystone Park Closing For The Season Due To High Lake Levels

Wednesday, July 3rd 2019, 9:59 am
By: Tess Maune

Spring and summer flooding is forcing a new, northeastern Oklahoma water park and campgrounds to close about two months early.

Normally, Jellystone Park in Mannford would be open through Labor Day weekend. But not this summer.

Jellystone announced on Facebook that it's last day of the season -- for limited camping and the water park -- is July 7th.

The park owners say they're sad to say due to the high lake levels they're are not able stay open this season.

Keystone Lake has never stayed at the high levels it's at for this long.

The water at Keystone has been well above normal since May, and at one point hitting it's highest ever recorded level: 34 feet above normal.

The rising water didn't flood the water park portion, but it did flood the majority of the campgrounds at Jellystone Park.

The water is slowly dropping, but it's close to 27 feet high.

And even when it recedes, the park will have a lot of work to do which includes cleaning debris and repairing campsites.

This is not the first time Jellystone Park has dealt with flooding.

Not long after the owners signed the lease to build the multi-million dollar park in 2015, it flooded.

Then, rising water delayed construction and the opening two years ago.

Last year was Jellystone's first year to be fully open for the entire summer.


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