WPX Energy Announces Plans For Headquarters In Tulsa Greenwood District

Friday, June 28th 2019, 3:23 pm
By: Emory Bryan

WPX Energy announced plans to build a $100 million office complex at 222 North Detroit in downtown Tulsa. The new company headquarters will cover an entire block, and have an 11 story tower as part of a multi-level development that is six stories at the perimeter. The design features a public plaza and walkway between the Greenwood District and Arts District, and a parking garage with 700 spaces available for employees and the public.

It’s the first separate headquarters building in Tulsa for the company, which has offices now spanning seven floors of Williams Tower. WPX was created from Williams, but became a separate company in 2011. WPX plans to move into the 245,000 square foot building in early 2022.

The plans call for demolition of the former Spaghetti Warehouse building and another warehouse used for storage. Demolition equipment is already on site.

Company CEO Rick Muncrief said the design intentionally faces east to connect with the Greenwood District, and is designed to encourage public access to the two parks on either side of the building.

He noted while the company considered several locations in Texas, "After we looked at the culture we've developed here, we knew this was the right place."

Muncrief noted the closest wells owned by WPX are 550 miles away, but the company has had great success with recruiting employees in Tulsa, and attracting them to Tulsa from other cities.

WPX employs 450 people in Tulsa, with an annual payroll in excess of $55 million.

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