FEMA Reminds Property Owners About Needed Permits

Thursday, June 27th 2019, 8:36 am
By: Tess Maune

FEMA wants to make sure property owners are getting all the proper paper work before rebuilding from recent storm damage. 

We're talking permits. And they're not just for the big things; permits could be needed for even some of the smaller repairs.

FEMA says every part of a house or building may require a permit before rebuilding on damaged property.

Everything from roofs, walls and siding, to plumbing, septic systems and heating and air conditioning systems.

You might also need a permit for demolition. 

Earlier this month, the county said they were waiving all permit fees for flood victims, which could help save hundreds of dollars.

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The permits help protect owners by making sure making sure repairs or construction meet current building codes and floodplain ordinances.

Permits also provide permanent record of compliance, which is helpful for insurance or for selling a property.

FEMA says the paperwork is especially important for those with property within a FEMA-mapped floodplain.

It's important to note, building permits are based on local codes and ordinances that are enforced locally and not by FEMA.

But FEMA warns, those who don't get the proper permits could be ordered to stop construction or get fines.