Mayfest Staff Prepared For Chance Of Severe Weather

Saturday, May 18th 2019, 8:41 am
By: News On 6

Day two of Tulsa's Mayfest starts on Saturday as storms roll into Green County. The good news is Mayfest organizers say they have a plan and are prepared for whatever comes their way as far as weather.

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With the thousands of people expected to be packed into the area around Guthrie Green. The festival will be using an emergency alert texting system. Organizers say if need be they can evacuate the site in about five to ten minutes.

Most of the tents are tied down to either barrels of water or some other kind of weights to keep them from blowing away. Festival staff will be monitoring the weather and Tulsa Police Officers will be on site and there is an evacuation plan in place in case bad weather hits.

"Fortunately and unfortunately have put it to the test several times so we are really good at evacuating the site," said Mayfest Executive Heather Pingry Director.

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Mayfest starts at 11 am on Saturday morning.