Tulsa Family Hoping For Answers After Woman Killed on Highway 75

Monday, April 15th 2019, 8:45 pm
By: Brian Dorman

Angela Walker’s family is hoping they can learn what happened Wednesday when the 46-year-old mother of five was shot and killed during a burglary on the side of Highway 75 near Pine.

Tulsa Police Identify Woman Killed In Shooting On Highway 75 

“It was shocking. I know that she’s been going through a lot but I never expected to hear that,” Angela’s sister, Shawnda Baker said.

Tulsa police say it all began when a young woman was on the way to work and had trouble with her car. Her dad picked her up and took her to work, leaving the car on the side of the highway.

Officers say the dad returned to the car and found a man later identified as Matthew Thornbrough breaking into it. According to investigators, the two got into a scuffle and Thornbrough’s gun went off shooting and killing Walker in the passenger seat of the car.

Thornbrough took off from the scene but turned himself in to homicide detectives Thursday afternoon.

Suspect In Tulsa Highway 75 Shooting Death Turns Himself In 

Walker’s sisters tell News on 6, they don’t know Thornbrough and have never seen him before but are counting on him to do the right thing and tell them what happened.

“Did she really get shot in the struggle with him and the owner of the car or did he shoot her before any of that happened? I mean, what really happened? Tell the truth. You already admitted you killed her. Just tell the truth,” Shawnda said.

“She’s someone’s daughter, she’s someone’s mother, she’s someone’s sister and she’s someone’s friend. She’s a human – she’s not some piece of crap,” Angela’s other sister, Lowella Baker added.

Angela’s sisters say she’s had a lot of ups and downs. When her kids were young they tell us she met a guy who was no good for her and her life turned upside down but she later got married to another man and moved to Texas and that’s when things turned around and got a lot better. Angela and her husband separated and in November of 2018 when her brother died she moved back to Tulsa and got connected with the wrong people.

Angela’s kids range in age from 15-25 and the family is just hoping that they can find the closure that they will need now and for years to come.

“More so than anybody they deserve the answers. I mean, Angie was absent so long in their lives and then when she finally comes back in the picture she gets killed. Like none of it adds up, none of it does,” Shawnda said.

Thornbrough was arrested on a felony murder complaint.

Records show he has several previous convictions including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, second-degree burglary and having a gun on school property. Police were unable to confirm if the two knew each other prior to the day of the deadly shooting.

The dad wasn’t hurt during the exchange. We’re told he’s cooperating with the investigation. He was never identified during the investigation, therefore, we haven’t been able to talk with him about what happened.

We did put in a jailhouse interview request with Thornbrough. We will know Tuesday morning if he’s agreed to meet with us.