Tulsa Business Owner Tracks Down Trailer Thief

Friday, November 2nd 2018, 6:31 pm
By: Amy Avery

A Tulsa County man is behind bars, accused of stealing trailers from a Tulsa business.

That arrest happened thanks to social media, the victim's employees doing their own detective work, and even staking out the suspect's home. Devin Duffield said one of his brand-new work trailers was stolen from his business along 61st and Highway 169.

And even though police arrested one suspect, the trailer is still missing.

“They’re pretty brazen, they wanted it and they took it,” said Duffield.

Duffield said he came into work last Friday morning and noticed a hole in his fence and his brand-new work trailer missing. He called police and posted surveillance video to social media. 

“After doing this for years you know quite a few people. Lots of friends, lots of customers and by Monday we had many leads,” said Duffield. 

The video shows the suspects trying to cover up the camera before pulling the trailer off the lot with a white flatbed truck.

“We have footage of the vehicles they used, pictures of them walking up, covering up the cameras,” said Duffield. 

Through social media, they identified the suspects and even tracked down where they live. 

“Kept driving by to see if our trailers were there or if the truck used for it was there, had neighbors and people from the complex helping us,” said Duffield.  

A Facebook tip pointed them to Owasso where they found the white truck that pulled the trailer away. Police arrested Michael Williams for possession of a stolen vehicle, but their trailer wasn't there. 

"They had another trailer and he was like what do you want me to do and I said it’s not my trailer but it's someone else's trailer that they've stolen," Duffield said. 

And even though they want their trailer back, they're thankful one suspect is off the streets. 

“At the end of the day we got someone else's truck back and trailer back, I’m good with that,” said Duffield. 

Duffield said they believe these people could be connected to several trailer thefts around Green Country, but If you see their trailer or have any information on this case, call Tulsa Police.