Burglar Caught On Camera Stealing From Sperry Auction House

Wednesday, October 31st 2018, 9:35 pm
By: Amy Avery

The search is on for the man who broke into an auction house in Sperry. Deputies say he stole about $3,000 worth of items.

This is the second time Miller's Auction Services has been broken into in two months and the owner says that he just hopes people will stop trying to break into a business he's worked so hard to build.

"You just feel violated and you feel like ‘What can I do for protection?’ and you just get to a point where you almost give up because I don’t know what to do," said Owner Edgar Miller.

Miller says his dad opened Miller's Auction Services in 1952. He says they've had trouble with thieves before but after being broken into twice in two months, he doesn't know what more he can do.

“It was bound to have been planned out. It wasn’t just some random type thing,” said Miller.

Ten days ago, Tulsa County Sheriff's Office says a man wearing a hoodie and a ball cap climbed through a window to get inside the store then walked around for about an hour stealing several items along the way. 

He looked around looking for specific things so its someone who knew what they were doing,” said Tulsa County Deputy Justin Green.

“He had a flashlight and he was shining it on just about everything moving through here,” said Miller.

Miller says the suspect got away with some amplifiers, musical equipment, tools and much more.

“We had a commercial chainsaw, two other chainsaws here. we had a weed eater here,” said Miller.

“It’s a horrible thing because it hurts those who own those items, those who work hard for those things so it’s something that we hate to see,” said Deputy Green.

Miller says his store may not be the most organized, but every item inside has a purpose and even though he may never get his stuff back, he just wants to find who did this.

“Any time you're stolen from, your place of business, your home it’s a psychological trip but you get over it you just have to pick up the pieces and go on,” said Miller.

If you recognize the man in the surveillance video or know anything about this crime, you are asked to call the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.