Oklahomans Spent Millions More Than Normal On Lottery Tickets In Recent Drawings

Monday, October 29th 2018, 6:38 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Oklahomans spent millions this month trying to win big in two record-setting lottery jackpots.

The jackpot numbers are back down to 40 and 45 million dollars now that the big jackpots were claimed.

When Mega Millions and Powerball surged, Oklahomans stepped up hoping to win, buying millions of tickets, enough for everyone in the state to have a couple of chances.

Over the last two weeks of sales, Oklahomans spent $20 million on lottery tickets.  That’s $17 million more than usual.

However, the biggest prize in Oklahoma was a $30,000 ticket.

The state does get some back for education, estimated at just over $5 million from that two weeks of sales alone.

There were smaller prizes won out of the 10 million tickets sold.  There have also been a couple of million-dollar winners in the last six months, but not in the last big drawings.

This year, the lottery is expected to generate about $66 million for education.

Oklahomans spend about four times that amount the chance to win big.