Owasso Police Seek Video, Pics Of Suspected Police Impersonator

Monday, October 29th 2018, 1:54 pm
By: News On 6

Owasso police are searching for a person pretending to be a police officer in order to steal credit card information.

Police say the man pretended to be a Bristow officer and went to an Owasso home claiming he was doing a fraud investigation.

They say they don’t believe this was random.  Rather, officers believe the elderly victim was specifically targeted.

Police say the woman called and told officers that a man came to her door, flashed a badge, and asked for her credit card information.

“He was in plain clothes, flashed a badge, but she didn’t get a real good look at the badge, so we’re not exactly sure what the badge had on it,” said Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff.  “Said he was a police officer and was conducting an investigation into fraud and asked for her personal information, as well as her credit card information.”

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“For some of us that are older and single and disabled or different things, it definitely creates a lot of concern to go, ‘Hey, there’s someone out there that’s looking to do me harm,’” said Owasso resident Kimberly Osment.

Osment says she knows this can happen anywhere, so she tries to be proactive.

“I’ve recently had someone come to my door and say, ‘Can I use your phone?’” she said.  “Again, I call that police non-emergency number and say, ‘Hey, there’s somebody going door to door on my street’ and ‘could you please come check it out.’”

Woodruff says people need to be able to trust police, so this is a big concern.

“This is pretty brazen.  Coming to someone’s door, claiming to be a police officer,” he said.  “It’s different than just doing a phone scam and calling and asking for that type of information.”

Officers say that, unfortunately, elderly people are targeted most.

“Sit down, if you have an older loved one, and talk to them about potential scams they might run into and try to help them from being victimized in a similar manner,” said Woodruff.

Police say that if you ever have any doubt, ask to see an officer’s commission card.  They say real law enforcement will always have a professional badge and official credentials.

Police are trying to get pictures or video of this man.  If you have anything, they are asking you to contact them at 918-272-2244.