Social Media Helping Tulsa Police Keep Up With Credit Card Thefts

Wednesday, October 24th 2018, 9:40 pm
By: Amy Avery

Tulsa Police say they are starting to see more cases of credit card theft being reported and they have a higher chance of being solved than ever before.

The Catch 'Em If You Can Program has seen a lot of success in the past few months, helping to solve 85% of cases.

Since Monday, Tulsa Police have posted security photos of six different people using stolen cards to their Facebook page and people have already started to identify them in the comments which help detectives solve these cases quickly.

"Our whole goal is to get the information out there for the public to see and for the public to share, comment, and like those posts so obviously we get more to see," said TPD Cpl. Matt Rose.

Over the last week, TPD has posted six different crimes, six different suspects, and have had nearly 2,000 shares. At least one of those suspects who police say stole purses at a business near 61st and Yale has already been identified and they are preparing to file charges soon.

"The victims leave their purses in the same spot at work. the suspect knows where these purses are, and the suspects been back several times," said Cpl. Rose.

Cpl. Rose says usually after the purse or wallet is taken, the suspects start using the credit cards within the hour at a convenience store or a big box retailer and usually, those wallets or purses are taken right out of your car.

"I think it’s an opportunity crime. I think the suspects walk by the car and if they see a wallet or a bag in there they obviously want to break into it," said Cpl. Rose.

Corporal Rose says typically they do see an uptick in credit card thefts around the holidays but it's a little too early to contribute the rise to that so they hope people will learn to secure their cards before the busy shopping season rolls around.

"What’s most important is that you remove your valuables from your car whenever you lock it - whenever we tell people to look for your children when you lock your car, find your wallet, find your purse, take it inside with you. Keep it secure," said Cpl. Rose.

Corporal Rose says even if you trust where you work, try not to put your purse in the same spot every day because you don't know who else will have access to that location.