Pregnant Crash Survivor Discusses Collision That Injured Her And Her Daughters

Monday, October 15th 2018, 9:58 pm
By: Brian Dorman

A pregnant woman from Claremore walks us through the scary moments when she and her two daughters were badly hurt in a car crash.

The crash happened Wednesday night on Highway 66 near Foyil.  Police say a man pulled out of his driveway and into the path of her car.

Shasta Cortez was airlifted to the hospital and her daughters were rushed by ambulance.

“It just happened so fast, like, the car came out of nowhere, out of nowhere,” she recalled.  “All as I remember is a big boom and the car flipping and waking up outside the vehicle.”

The car was totaled when it collided with a pickup.

“I hit him at 65 without even braking.  I didn’t see him at all, and that’s bad.  That’s bad,” said Shasta.  “I remember standing up and saying, ‘my stomach, my stomach.’”

Shasta is six months pregnant with a little boy, who they have named Eli.

“I thought I was going to lose my kids and my baby,” she said.

Her children, 10-year-old Jazmyn and 5-year-old Yesenia, were in the backseat.

“My sister was crying, so she got out and then I got out and, like, people started to stop to help us,” Jazmyn said.

Jazmyn and Yesenia were both hurt in the crash.

Shasta was at the doctor Monday getting an update on the baby.

“The baby’s okay and growing and kicking, so that makes me happy,” she said.

Making the situation more difficult, she and the father of her kids shared that car.

“That was his only transportation, our transportation, anywhere was that vehicle,” Shasta said.

They still have a long road ahead, with the baby coming, finding a new car, and paying for the medical bills.

According to police, the driver of the pickup wasn’t hurt and it’s unclear if he will be cited.  A passenger in the pickup was treated and released.