Wagoner Police Hope Bloody Towel Will Lead To Burglar

Monday, October 15th 2018, 6:46 pm
By: News On 6

Wagoner Police hope a bloody paper towel will help them track down whoever broke into a behavioral health facility.

Detectives don't believe it was a random burglary.
Police say the person they're looking for cut themselves while crawling in a window. Once inside the building, investigators say the thief rummaged through nearly a dozen offices.

Officers found the bloody paper towel outside a window at Creoks Behavioral Health Services and next to it was the window screen that was removed.

Officers say the window was unlocked. 

"A lot of times in things like usually people are a little cleaner about it. They don't leave as much evidence behind besides the fingerprint here and there or shoe impression," said Lieutenant Benjamin Blair.  

Officers found a mess inside. They say the thief stole a couple laptops, Nintendo’s and expect to find out there was even more.

"A lot of the offices were gone through, papers shuffled through, cabinet doors torn open. Anything that had a lock on it was broke open," Blair said. 

Police believe, based on all the damage, the thief has been inside the building before.

"Chances are with the stuff that was broken into it's probably a patient that has been walking up and down those halls for quite some time recognizing things. You know cabinet doors with locks on them, computers that are always closed or locked behind a door," said Blair. 

Officers will send the bloody paper towel to the OSBI lab to test it to see if they can identify the thief.