Rancher, Stepson Face Charges For Stealing Cattle In Checotah

Friday, October 12th 2018, 6:32 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A rancher and his stepson are both facing charges for stealing thousands of dollars worth of cattle from another rancher in Checotah.

According to the Department of Agriculture, Drew Jordan and his stepson Sanders Krebs worked together to steal eight cows. The crime will impact the man who owns this pasture for years.  The cows that were stolen would have kept having calves for another eight years.

"I raised these cows from calves, kept them, made them replacement cows in my herd, and just wanted to know where they went," said Rancher Kyle Hodges.

The pairs' arrest affidavit says Krebs told investigators he "joked" to his stepdad about stealing some cows to make money then "decided that they would actually go through with it."

The document says Krebs told investigators he cut the lock to get the cattle out and the eight cows were taken to Arkansas, where they were auctioned off for more than $5,000.

"They had no knowledge of any criminal activity involved in it. And then it crossed state lines so it's just kinda hard to get any of that back," said Hodges.

But investigators say one of the cows stayed in Oklahoma on Drew Jordan’s ranch. Department of Ag Special Agent Jason Smith says Jordan lied to him at first saying the cow died. She's now back on Kyle Hodges land a double blessing for him.

"The next Thursday, she had a new baby calf. So at least I got that out of the deal," said Hodges.

"People steal cattle based around the dope trade. They steal cattle to get quick money to get a fix. In this case, it was a rancher stealing from a rancher. And that just don't happen in Oklahoma," said Special Agent Smith.

The felony charge both men are facing could mean up to ten years in prison if convicted.