Sand Springs Man Loses Trailer To Thief

Monday, October 8th 2018, 5:54 pm
By: News On 6

A Sand Springs man says his business is on hold after someone stole his trailer.

Matt Strawn uses his trailer every day to run his ATV business, now with it gone, he's losing time and money.

Strawn walked out to his driveway to discover someone had taken off with his 22-foot, $4,000 trailer.

He said it can carry 10,000 pounds and it wouldn’t be easy to steal.

"It's a real hard left to make without running into this wall. You almost have to back up and hit it two or three more times to get going this way, but we are pretty sure that's what they did," said Strawn. 

Strawn owns Matt's ATV and Off Road in Tulsa and needs his trailer to haul equipment.

With no trailer, Matt can't do his job.

"We are using the trailer constantly to keep the business afloat and yeah it’s just a huge setback for us," Strawn said. 

They spent a year getting a contract with Boy Scouts of America to provide them with ATVs and do all the maintenance on them. It was a huge boost to their business and now this.

To show just how important this is to Strawn’s business, he has 16 ATVs he can't deliver to Boy Scouts of America right now because he doesn't have his trailer.

"It's going to be two or three weeks of going without a trailer and probably paying someone else to ship or drag our units around," Strawn said. 

The trailer has a center post jack and two stabilizer jacks on the back and one of the orange marker lights on the fender is pushed in. 

Strawn is anxious to get his trailer back so he can get back to work.

"It's what makes people think twice about stealing other people’s property when people are willing to go the extra mile. My message to them is to lay low because we are looking for you," said Strawn. 

Right now, Strawn is checking with all his neighbors to see if they caught the thief on camera.