New DNA Found In 1973 Tulsa County Cold Case

Tuesday, October 2nd 2018, 12:34 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Investigators got a DNA hit in a murder case that's been unsolved for nearly 45 years.

They said they still need people with information to come forward but believe they are closer than ever in making an arrest in the murder of Susie Woodson.

The break in the case came with a DNA match, but it doesn't tell the whole story of what happened and investigators want to fill in those gaps.

Susie Woodson lived in Sperry. She was married, with 4 children. She was 38 years old when she was murdered in 1973.

“A story of an evil man coming across her and ending her life and just because it's 45 years ago it doesn't mean someone doesn't need to be held accountable now,” said Tulsa County Cold Case Investigator Mike Huff. 

Investigators believe 78-year-old Stanley Clabough was involved.

The name now tied to a break in the case was a surprise to the victim's family.

“We had no clue. We never heard the name, never knew anyone who was suspected at the time,” said Jack Barnes. 

Jack Barnes is Susie's brother. The night she didn't return home and her car was found on the side of the road in Sperry, he and his brothers helped police with the search.

“They assigned places for all of us, my brothers and we searched this one area and we saw the body,” Barnes said. 

Investigators had a few leads early on that didn't pan out. They searched the area around the car.

“It was right up there, about 100 yards from the intersection,” said Kenneth Crase. 

But the neighbors and the family never got any answers about who was responsible.

Now investigators want to hear from Clabough's family.

“We do know people are protecting him. They do know the story. He has confessed to people. We're trying to be in contact with them,” said Investigator Mike Huff. 

The new leads are a relief for the family, but they're really waiting for the arrest.

"If this is the man, I hope they find him and get a conviction. I'd like to see justice for this," Barnes said.