Grocery Stores Now Selling Strong Beer, Wine In Oklahoma

Monday, October 1st 2018, 5:17 am
By: Dave Davis

For the first time ever in Oklahoma, if you want to grab some wine for dinner on the way home you can do that now at grocery and convenience stores.

You can also now buy refrigerated strong beer at a liquor store or the grocery store. This process has been about two years in the making since voters passed State Question 792 in 2016.

The rules for liquor stores have also changed. They can be open until midnight, they can open earlier and they can refrigerate beer for the first time.

They are still closed on Sundays, but one of the new laws allows voters to decide if their county opens liquor stores on Sundays. I did call several liquor stores including one on 71st in Broken Arrow.

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I would recommend calling your local liquor store to see what time they close, because I didn’t talk to anyone whose store is actually open until midnight, even though they could be.

Liquor stores can also sell accessories and mixers, and they don't have to be in a separate building anymore.

Low point beer can still be sold in Oklahoma, and the new laws dictate it's the only type of beer that can be sold at movie theaters.