Don't Fall For 'Scamilton' Tickets Tulsa PAC, Celebrity Attractions Warn

Thursday, September 27th 2018, 10:53 pm
By: Amy Avery

Tickets to the Broadway hit, Hamilton, at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center aren't even on sale yet, but scammers are already trying to get you to buy them.

The Tony Award-winning play is coming to the PAC in August 2019 and scammers are already selling imaginary tickets for prices that range from $600 to more $1,000, so the PAC and Celebrity Attractions are warning people not to fall for this scam.

"There’s never been a show that has the demand that Hamilton has for tickets," said Celebrity Attractions CEO Kristin Dotson.

She said they deal with ticket resale websites all the time, but what’s being called “Scamilton” is taking the nation by storm.

"If you just put ‘Tulsa Hamilton’ in your Google search or whatever, a bunch of sites pop up. They pay a lot of money to be at the top of the search," Dotson said.

PAC season ticket holders are guaranteed tickets, but even they haven't received printed copies of their Hamilton tickets yet.

"Anyone who is telling you they've got a Hamilton ticket to sell you, they don’t have a Hamilton ticket to sell you," Dotson said.

One of the websites, Tulsa Theater, is claiming to sell orchestra seats for $1,100. News On 6 called the number on the website and they said they add a service fee to tickets, making them more expensive. However, prices for actual tickets haven't even been released.

Amy: "So, you are selling them for more money than they are actually going to be worth?"
Customer Service: "A little bit. Yes"

“They are not on sale and they are definitely not on sale for $1,100 for an imaginary orchestra seat,” Dotson said.

She said it's heartbreaking to turn people with fake tickets away, but they've had to do it before.

“It’s just important to go through the proper channels and pay the right amount of money to see a fantastic show,” she said.

Hamilton tickets are set to go on sale this spring, so if you want to register your email address to find out when the real tickets go on sale, you can do so here.