Residents Near Gathering Place Say Parking Situation Still A Nightmare

Monday, September 24th 2018, 6:01 pm
By: News On 6

A neighborhood meeting being held Monday aims to discuss parking concerns around Tulsa’s Gathering Place.

Some people who live around the park say the parking problems are a nightmare and they are looking to get some answers.

Cell phone video taken by Anita Saunders shows just how packed her street was over the weekend.

"It was constant traffic in and out. There were wrecks, people getting in fights and they were rude to us. They’re dumping trash every night that they come here," she said.

While the City has put up dozens of 'No Parking’ signs throughout the neighborhoods around the park, many streets are still left with none.

The City insists they will be installed soon.

There are four to eight Tulsa police officers assigned to patrol the area around the park daily.

“We have dedicated the manpower but there is still more that can be done,” said Corporal Shawn Kite.

This weekend alone, police issued more than 50 citations to people parked illegally around Gathering Place.

"If both sides are lined with cars EMSA and Fire can’t get through. If someone has a medical emergency or house catching on fire, emergency services aren’t going to be available to render aid,” Kite said.

Saunders said, "I think we've all been patient. I was real excited for the park. I think it is good for our city, I just don't think we should be dealing with this constantly.”

A spokesperson for Gathering Place reiterates the project is only two weeks in and is still feeling the bumps of opening. He said they are working with the City to catch up on proper enforcement for the thousands of visitors still flocking to the park.

"They need to just consider what we are going through and be sympathetic and help us try to deal with this,” Saunders said.

You can find more details on where to park below: