Cause Of Tulsa Apartment Complex Fire Still Under Investigation

Thursday, September 20th 2018, 6:33 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Investigators have not yet released the cause of a fire which damaged more than a dozen apartments at a Tulsa apartment complex Wednesday.

The fire happened at the Riverchase Apartments in the 7900 block of South Riverside Drive.

Firefighters say the fire appears to have started in the attic of the two story building.

The fire department says it had a tough time getting the fire under control, having to fight it from the outside because it was too big of a fire to get inside the building.

The fire impacted 16 apartments.

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Thursday, residents were able to retrieve some items from the burned building.

The apartment complex requires renters insurance, so some of the losses will be covered through that.

"It was so much to contain that they couldn't really fight the fire unless they used the fire truck with the hose up top because the inside, they couldn't get through fighting the fire on the inside," resident Chris Gatewood said.

Marissa Whipkey lives nearby and says it was heartbreaking to watch the building go up in flames.

"I just started crying because I just think about all the people that live there and they have nothing now," said Marissa Whipkey. "I just hope people reach out and help the families out and send them things or contact the apartments and give any way that they can," she added.

The fire department says everyone in the building were able to get out safely.