Tulsa QB Luke Skipper Discusses His Journey After Losing His Father

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 11:39 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Quarterback Luke Skipper lost his father at the age of 8 and lost many family members during his youth. Since then he's grown to a mature man and on Wednesday he spoke about how's he come so far after so much loss.

"It was rough just to put it bluntly, at first especially, but you know, God is good and provided great Godly men in my life as well and mom is so strong," said Skipper.

When asked how he adjusted to becoming the man of the house at such a young age, Skipper says he had to grow up fast.

"You have to grow up fast, regardless, being in a situation like that, you know my sisters are always looking up at me in those times because my mom's not around, she's working," said Skipper.

Within a short time period Skipper says he lost 6 more relatives. He says faith is ultimately what got him through.

"So many, because right at the time my father passed, I had 6 other really close relatives pass and within 6 months of that so, my best friend being my cousin, that was hard I also lost my grandfather, I mean, tribulations, but God's been faithful and good to me all this time," said Skipper.

He was able to overcome those tribulations by leaning on strong male role models at church.

"My youth pastor, Jared Lemons.  He comes to all of our games and was there through everything and hasn't left," said Skipper.

"He's got a great family, awesome mom, awesome sisters, she realized that he could always use another guy speaking into his life.  We've been able to share a lot of life and experience over the years and while football is an outlet.  He's really transitioned and learned how to improve more as a man, improve more as a person a leader as a son," said Lemons.

Skipper: "I can't ever feel bad about myself, you know what I mean, because I understand that everybody up here is going through something and everybody goes through things in life, but it's just amazing because it's a motivation, you realize I'm not alone in this and we're a brotherhood and it's good," said Skipper.