Program In Rogers County Helping Those Battling Addiction To Reboot, Rebuild

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 10:30 pm
By: Brian Dorman

What started as a recovery program a couple of years ago in Rogers County, is growing across the region to break the cycle of addiction.

It’s a partnership between the District Attorney’s Office and non-profit Light of Hope, which is giving people a chance to reboot and rebuild.

The program provides an opportunity for a second chance – with resources, support groups, education, and employers ready to hire.

The mission is deeply personal to those involved.

“Her name is Ashley Morgan.  She was 23 years old when she passed away,” said Layla Freeman from Light of Hope.

Ashley’s mom, Layla, fought back tears as she discussed her daughter’s journey.  She says Ashley fought addiction for seven years, losing her battle four years ago.

“I decided that I needed to turn that pain into purpose,” said Layla.  “There’s so many people in this world that are struggling with addiction.”

Layla partnered with the Rogers County District Attorney’s Office two years ago to create an event that brings employers and support teams together to show people who are struggling that they have options.  They called the event Reboot Rebuild, and it’s working.

“I’ve been addicted to drugs for 21 years,” said 30-year-old Dana Bass.

Bass says she reluctantly showed up the first year and her life changed as she heard speakers talk about their struggles.

“It was exactly what I was going through,” she said.  “I’ve been screaming for help.  No one would help.”

With everyone’s help, Bass found a job at Taco Bueno, where she’s about to be promoted to assistant manager.

“I bought a car, I’m working on getting a house, just, everything is looking up,” Bass said.

Laci Rohde, 26, was addicted to drugs since she was 16.  She says she went to last year’s event and is now four months clean.

“Recovery has changed my life,” declared Rohde.  “I look at my daughter and I just don’t want her to go through what I went through.  Right now, I’m battling to get her back and I’m just going to keep going from here.”

The program is so successful that Craig and Mayes Counties are working to put it in place, too.

“We need to come together, take the blinders off, and help each other,” stated Layla.

If you are struggling with addiction, or know someone who is, you can find more information here about the Reboot Rebuild event coming up on Thursday, September 27th.  The event is open to everyone, not just to residents of Rogers County.