Tulsa Mother Could Face Neglect Charge For Leaving Child In SUV That Was Stolen

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 6:42 pm
By: News On 6

A 2-year-old toddler is home safe after police said he was inside his mother’s car when it was stolen.

Officers are warning parents that it just takes seconds for a child to be taken.

The mother said she has four children and is also a nursing student with a full-time job. She said this situation has been blown out of proportion and encourages parents not to make the same mistake she did.

In less than five minutes, a hectic morning turned into a terrifying situation.

"That is all it takes, is a moment for you to lose your child. You lose your child, you may not get your child back," said Sergeant John Adams.

Police said around 7:00 Wednesday morning, a Green Country mom pulled up to a Tulsa daycare.

"She went inside to drop off her 9-month-old and she left her 2-year-old in the car with the car running. She went back out and the car was gone with the 2-year-old inside," Adams said.

Officers immediately jumped into action and canvased the area with K9s.

"There were a dozen officers responding within minutes," Adams said.

They found the car at an apartment complex just a few blocks away - the little boy still in his car seat, uninjured.

"He was happy, he has no clue that anything happened at all, just that he went for a ride," said Adams.

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The whole situation hits close to home for Tiffani Pearson. Her car was stolen with her boys in the backseat two years ago.

"I ran in the house, literally ran. Took 10 seconds to get my shoes, came back and the car was in reverse," Pearson said.

Since her car has a keyless ignition, it died a few blocks away and her kids were found safe.

"Thank God that we got our kids back, but, unfortunately, some people don't," Pearson said. "Just take the extra seconds to unbuckle your child out the car, even if you are going to be late to work or whatever, just take the extra seconds because it takes only a minute.”

Police said this is the second time this week a parent has left their child in a car and someone took off with it.

Both children are okay.

Officers said the mother in this case could be charged with neglect.