Bristow VFW Says Someone Stole Piece Of Vietnam Era Tank

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 5:59 pm
By: News On 6

A Bristow veteran is tirelessly working to find a missing piece of an old war tank at the memorial in town. Daniel Harris says someone stole a road tire right off the machine. 

Harris says he doesn't know exactly how long this road tire has been missing from this Vietnam era tank, but he's asking the community to come together and help him find it. The tank is just one part of the Bristow Wake Island Memorial.

"We've been guardians of this ever since the 70s," said Harris.

The tank is a piece of history, Harris says Vietnam soldiers fought and died for our country inside its very walls.

"Each specific piece in this memorial corresponds with a different war, a different battle, a different set of veterans," said Harris.

That's why Harris was so upset to find one of the road tires missing.

"To me, this really enrages me," said Harris. "I look at this as a direct slight against the veterans of that era."

Harris says no one at the VFW knows exactly how long ago the tire was taken.

"I hope enough time has gone by where they just truly want to do the right thing," said Harris.

He says he's guessing it was a couple of kids looking for a trophy of some kind.

"It could have been something as simple as rebellion,” said Harris.

But he wants the thief to know this is a memorial, a monument, a memento for those who sacrificed their lives, friends, and loved ones to the war efforts in Vietnam.

"I don't want the culprits to be thrown in jail. I just want them to come back and replace this," said Harris.

Harris asks that if anyone knows where the tire is to return it and restore this historic machine to its rightful state.