Sand Springs Businessman Loses Trailer To Thieves

Thursday, September 13th 2018, 6:56 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A Sand Springs man with a landscaping business says thieves have hit him again.

Usually, they take small things but this time he said they took a 12-foot trailer and some tools.

This time of year is as busy as it gets in the landscaping business, so losing equipment now, according to the victim, is an especially hard blow.

To make a lawn look just right, it takes a lot of tools.

Lawnmowers and weed eaters and over the last 18 years Josh Briscoe has had someone take most everything.

“Five backpack blowers stolen, weed eaters, hedge clippers stolen, they're always watching,” Briscoe said.  

He and his crew try to be careful, locking up equipment anytime it's out of their sight.

But this time, thieves came right to his shop and took an entire trailer.

It happened Tuesday afternoon while people were around. 

“Back in, the trailer was actually hidden behind two work trucks and a trailer. There was 2 guys. They hooked up and took off with it,” Briscoe said.

The thieves were in a white, single cab Silverado, with a futon on the back.

They took off with the trailer and haven't been seen since.

“Kinda hurts to lose a trailer like that because it's my way of life. I made money using that trailer,” Briscoe said. “It's frustrating when people take your stuff because none of this is cheap,”

Briscoe is still in business and the trailer can be replaced. But he's frustrated that no matter where he and other landscapers go, they have to constantly watch or someone will steal their gear.

“They'd rather steal something, a $600 blower, or a $1,500 trailer, sell it for a couple of hundred dollars so they can go get their next fix,” Briscoe said.

If you’ve seen the trailer or truck, call Sand Springs Police.