University Of Tulsa Professor Says He Was Fired Over Comment

Thursday, September 13th 2018, 4:58 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A University of Tulsa graduate is defending a professor who was fired. TU would not confirm why advertising professor Bill Hinkle's contract wasn't renewed but he told us it was because of a comment he made at a sorority house months ago.

After almost a quarter-century Bill Hinkle's time working as an adjunct advertising professor at the University of Tulsa has come to an end. Hinkle declined an on-camera interview but says what he said during a presentation at the Kappa Delta sorority house, was not directed at any one individual.

These are the words he said he used:

"I say this in jest but in my Principles of Advertising class the person chosen to change the PowerPoint slides are honored to be referred to as my video [expletive]."

"The first thing that I did whenever I heard it is I laughed. I mean, I laughed out loud and said, 'Hinkle,'" said TU Graduate Emily Points.

Hinkle is considered by some to be an advertising legend, seen here coaching Kristen Glover for a commercial. Points, who took several of Hinkle’s classes says it wasn't just his real-world experience that made him a stand-out professor, but the relationships he built with his students.

"He talks to you like you're his friend and he's known you forever," said Points.

The university's website highlights another student's review of Hinkle in 2016, saying "He encourages passion, personality, and boldness. In his classes, we are allowed to be daring and bold."

In a letter to the school newspaper, "The Collegian," Hinkle writes,

"Apparently, my rapid-fire sense of humor has a serious lack of a filter and I'm quite aware of that.  But while I know I was in error, I still do not believe it should have cost me my job." 

The University would not elaborate on who will be replacing Hinkle saying only:

“Our commitment to our students is our top priority. Just this fall, we have made improvements to our programs including the addition of faculty who offer our students extensive experience in the classroom as well as in the professional world.”