One Killed In Shooting At Ochelata Trailer Park

Tuesday, September 4th 2018, 10:40 am
By: News On 6

One person is dead after a shooting in Washington County. Two people were shot at the Prairie View Trailer Park in Ochelata.

Investigators won't say if it was a murder/attempted suicide but they said they don't believe anyone else is involved.

When deputies arrived at the Ochelata mobile home, they found a woman, Michele E. Mayes, shot and killed in the front yard.

A man, identified as John Jeffery Thomas, was lying about 20 feet away from her with a gunshot wound to the chest.

News On 6 spoke to a friend of theirs and she said the Thomas called her Tuesday morning saying he killed Mayes and then shot himself. 

Deputies said it's still early in their investigation but that this isn't the first time they've been called to the home.

"I can tell you we have had some recent history … determined and lined out," said Jon Copeland with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.  

Thomas was conscious when he went to the hospital in critical but stable condition. 

Deputies are calling him a "person of interest."

"There's more investigation to do and several people we still have to talk to. We've done a general area canvas and talked to some people the deputies have. I'll have to get with those deputies as they complete their reports and reports from those things to see who else I need to talk to and follow up with," Copeland said. 

The investigator said it appears this incident involves just these two people.

New On 6 spoke to family members of Mayes who said the two had just split up after moving in together and that she'd just recently filed for a protective order against Thomas.

"It's very upsetting ... when you think what could you have done for each part to help prevent this but like I said I don't think it would have been anything at this point so it's just sad," said friend Sabrina Schmittle. 

Deputies said it's still early in the investigation and they are trying to piece together exactly what happened and why.