Trump Tweets Support For Stitt

Thursday, August 30th 2018, 2:46 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

President Donald Trump is endorsing Republican Kevin Stitt for Oklahoma Governor. 

The President tweeted his support for the Tulsa businessman Thursday afternoon

News On 6 talked with Kevin Stitt just after he hung up the phone with the President. As you can imagine, he was beaming with excitement.

"Said we ran a great campaign and is excited to see what we do with Oklahoma. He told me to keep working, he said don't take a day off. A 60-day sprint,” Stitt said. 

The President also told him he only gets one chance.

This endorsement comes on the day of the first negative ad of the gubernatorial race. That ad, by the Foundation for Economic Prosperity, attacks Stitt's opponent Democrat Drew Edmondson but Stitt says his campaign has nothing to do it.

"We're not running any ads right now. We're going to continue to tell our message. We're putting our game plan together to win this in November," said Stitt.

The Foundation for Economic Prosperity is the same group that ran ads supporting Mick Cornett in the primaries.

"I believe him. This a dark money group so we don't know where it's coming from.  We can guess but at one time that same group was attacking Stitt. So I absolutely believe Kevin that this wasn't his ad.," said Drew Edmonson.

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Still will now face Edmondson in the general election on November 6 to determine the state’s next governor.