Police Investigating Numerous Vehicle Break-Ins In Owasso

Monday, August 27th 2018, 6:59 pm
By: News On 6

Owasso police are looking for whoever broken into multiple vehicles within the past 24 hours.

Police say that out of nine car break-ins in the past day, seven of those vehicles were left unlocked with valuables inside.

This weekend’s car break-ins in Owasso adds to an already long list of similar crimes this summer.

In addition to the nine break-ins, there was one vehicle stolen.

Multiple electronic devices were taken, but other important items were stolen as well.

“In one case, we did have a firearm stolen out of a vehicle,” said Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff.  “Definitely out of character for us.  I know a lot of the Tulsa metro, it seems like we’ve seen a pretty big increase in the last couple months.”

Earlier this summer, Owasso police investigated 16 car break-ins in one week.  They say the majority of those vehicles were unlocked.

“We’d encourage people, if they can keep their cars locked, keep valuable items stored somewhere else besides their vehicle, especially firearms.  That’s always concerning when you have a firearm stolen out of a vehicle,” said Woodruff.

He also says the high number of break-ins is making it tough for his officers.

“We have to work in partnership with the community,” stated Woodruff.  “Out of the 50 plus neighborhoods in Owasso, there’s no way we can have an officer in every neighborhood at all times.”

He says there’s no way to 100 percent guarantee that your car doesn’t get broken into, but locking the doors is a necessary first step.

No one has yet been arrested for the crimes.  If you have any information about these break-ins, you’re asked to call the Owasso Police Department.