Suspects Arrested In Porter Student Threat

Monday, August 27th 2018, 1:44 pm
By: News On 6

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office has arrested two Porter High School students for making violent threats.

Charles McMahan, the superintendent of Porter Public Schools, said the original social media post didn't mention the target or even the school.

The threat showed two boys in a picture, one holding what Wagoner County deputies said is a sawed-off shotgun.

One of the boys is a juvenile, the other is 18-year-old Dillan Lamb.

The next post showed a handful of bullets. The next, lyrics from a song with the words, "DON'T THINK THIS IS A THREAT, IT'S A WARNING," in caps at the bottom of the screen.

These social media posts were brought to the attention of Porter Public Schools staff on Friday.

The Superintendent said he immediately called the sheriff's office. 

“Anytime that we have some type of an incident like that where we are talking about school students, to be proactive and to make sure this does not spill onto school property we acted immediately," said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot. "That shows us that they have got the means to do it, we need to take action now so this does not spill onto school property or we can prevent a possible shooting or a possible homicide."

An affidavit said the superintendent suspended the juvenile, "after punching another student on the bus to school."

He told deputies he believed, "there may be a retaliatory plot against the victim and another student who "snitched" for smoking in the school restroom." 

“We don't have an active threat of violence to Porter Schools or anything like that, what we have are students that go to Porter with some possible threats of acts of violence," Elliot said. 

Deputies said Dillan Lamb was not the original suspect but when they started interviewing him, they said he threatened another student in front of a deputy so they arrested him. 

“Every child in this county has a right to go to school and feel safe and secure ... if we know about it we are gonna take action. We are gonna keep you safe," Elliot said. 

The superintendent said no gun was found on campus.

Porter Public Schools Schools released a statement saying:

"On Friday, August 24th, it was brought to the attention of Porter Schools staff that a student had posted several pictures on social media. The pictures included two of our students, with one of them holding a shotgun. Another picture included the lyrics of a rap song, which did state 'DON'T THINK THIS IS A THREAT IT'S A WARNING." We immediately contacted Wagoner County Sheriff's office to assist us. One of the students was not on campus and the other was escorted to the office. At that time, the student made some comments to the Wagoner County Sheriff's deputies and was taken into custody.

"The social media posted did not directly threaten Porter Schools or any of its staff or students. We did take all precautionary measures to ensure that all students and staff members were and are safe. We will continue to cooperate with Wagoner County Sheriff's Office during their investigation."

The investigation is ongoing. If you know anything about this or any other possible violent act, you're asked to call WCSO at 918-485-3124 or 918-485-7799. You can remain anonymous.