TPD Sergeant Wounded During QuikTrip Shooting Returns To Duty

Friday, August 24th 2018, 7:28 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa police Sergeant shot in July has returned to duty. Sergeant Mike Parsons believes he was lucky for several reasons that day. One reason was a commemorative coin in Sergeant Parson's pocket.

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Sergeant Parsons has been back on duty for about a week now. Physically, he says he's doing good. Mentally, says he's in a good place and part of it he says, is all attributed to this little coin, something he was carrying in his pocket that says, that he believes helped save his life."

The body camera video shows the moment after Sergeant Mike Parsons fired a non-lethal pepperball gun, John Chatman answered by firing lethal bullets at the officers. Mike was hit in the thigh.

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"I knew my leg wasn't working right and it felt like someone had hit me across the thigh with a ball bat," said Mike.

He quickly realized he was okay, but the situation was not. He took command of the scene until everyone was safe.

"I was very lucky to have that group of officers with me," said Mike.

When he saw his wound, he realized a coin, a gift, had likely saved his life.

"He said, I want you to have this and I want you to carry this. I'm paraphrasing and it was meaningful and important and he checked on me a couple of times to make sure I had it," said Mike

Mike carried it in his right front pocket.

"It deflected the bullet just enough that I got a through and through wound versus it going in and shattering my femur or hitting my femoral artery and me dying in that parking lot," said Mike

He says the hardest part of getting shot, was telling his three daughters.

"Embracing the good things in life is what matters and I don't dwell on this. Unfortunately, it's a part of who I am now, but, I don't dwell on it," said Mike.

He says he holds no ill will toward the man who shot him, but, does think he should go to prison.

And you can certainly bet, that coin will be in Sgt Parsons' pocket, from this day forward.