Tulsa Hotel Evacuated After Smoke Detected

Thursday, August 23rd 2018, 6:14 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Guests at the Doubletree Hotel near 61st and Yale are back in their hotel rooms after smoke filled the building and caused more than 130 people to evacuate early Thursday morning.

News On 6 talked with several guests who said you could smell or see smoke wherever you went inside the Doubletree Hotel.

Firefighters checked all 370 rooms looking for the source but they said a faulty roof-top air handler belt was to blame.

Hotel guests reported smoke on every floor of the high-rise building.

"When we walked out our hotel room door, towards the right was quite a bit of smoke so we chose to go the other way and exit the stairs," said Kaecee Grimsley. 

"We smelled smoke all the way down but I never did see any smoke ... I never saw any," said Leo Strychalski. 

TFD said all 130 people staying at the hotel were evacuated for nearly an hour and a half.

A lot of them were curious about what was happening inside the building but they said they were mainly focused on getting out quickly.

"Like a rude awakening, we just had to make sure we all got out and do what they say. It's the best thing for everybody to do, just follow the rules," said Salvador Gustos. 

"It's new so I don't think you have time to be shocked. You're just trying to get out and thinking what do I need," said Grimsley. 

Firefighters said one person was treated on scene for smoke inhalation.