Tulsa Public Schools Takes Steps To Protect Students As Classes Resume

Tuesday, August 21st 2018, 10:30 pm
By: Amy Avery

Teachers and administrators from Tulsa Public Schools are preparing for students to walk in the doors on Wednesday.

With fear of school threats on the rise, the district says it is staying alert for anything that could come their way.

“We want them to get to school safely … make sure they get into the classroom safely,” said TPS Campus Police Chief Matthias Wicks.

Chief Wicks says TPS has spent the summer looking over security measures and making sure they are prepared for anything.

“We know there’s social media threats that go out around the country,” he said.  “What we want to do is stay ahead of it.”

H says they are able to combat threats by building relationships that encourage students to come to them if they see or hear something.

“No threat should be taken lightly,” stated Wicks.

There are cameras throughout each school that are always recording.  They provide video evidence in case a fight breaks out and can even help find missing students.

“There’s a feed for us in the main office,” said Dr. Jody Parsons, the principal of Hale Junior High School.  “We can see every camera.  These feeds are also live to TPS at all times.”

Dr. Parsons says the first day can be very stressful for students, so it’s important for parents to discuss with their children bus routes, the safest way to get to school, and who to call in case of an emergency.

“There are many students who don’t know phone numbers because they are used to having them accessible in a cell phone,” he said.

TPS has also added secured entry ways to several buildings to prevent intruders from getting through.

“The goal is to work together,” said Chief Wicks, “to get children to school safely so they can stay safe in the school and be taught.”