Rogers County Woman Faces Burglars While House Sitting

Monday, August 20th 2018, 6:59 pm
By: News On 6

A Rogers County woman faced off with a suspected burglar and held her own.

The woman was willing to show her face but asked News On 6 to protect her name. 

She said she believes two men went into the home while she was gone, unlocked every window and waited until she went to bed.

"You know I didn't know if I should shoot through the door or not because he kept saying ... I know you're in there ... I know you're in there," said the woman. 

She was house sitting for a friend when she heard banging on the door. She went to check, didn't see anyone so she went back to bed.

But things didn't stay quiet for long.

"There was a man coming through the bathroom window that leads to the bedroom saying, ‘I'm coming to get you’," the woman said. 

She ran to the nightstand to grab a gun but before she could fire it, they were face to face.

"I tried to shoot it and it didn't go off so I hit him in the head with the gun ... he left the bedroom and I locked the door," she said. 

A neighbor heard her screaming and ran over to help.

"He takes the weapon to protect and also has to fire a warning shot to keep these guys contained and it's at that time that the police department shows up," said Sheriff Scott Walton. 

Officers said Jeffrey Lyon jumped out a window and tried to run before being arrested.

They say Jeffrey Stevenson fought with deputies and had to be tazed twice to be taken into custody.

The woman said she recognized one of them because he was a renter on the property.

She's still shaken up by the experience and has a message for others.

"Make sure that you have a lock on your bedroom because that's the only thing that saved me from that guy coming back to get me again," she said. 

Sheriff Walton said he believes both men were under the influence.