Rogers County EMS Gets Needed Upgrade

Friday, August 17th 2018, 10:09 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Pafford EMS provides emergency services to almost all of the 90,000 residents of Rogers County but some of their equipment is getting old.

Pafford recently got a brand-new ambulance and some of the latest technology. The price tag on a fully outfitted ambulance is about $500,000. Add two more new ambulances on the way and that's about $1.5 million in upgrades.

"We're looking at close to 200,000 miles on some of these trucks, so having a brand-new truck come in let alone three brand new trucks within the span of four-five months is amazing," said Pafford Paramedic Erik Dickover.

Erik says the new ambulance is more dependable and has a lot of new upgrades like separate heating and air as well as the ability to carry twice as much oxygen.

"It's a lot more spacious then what we have been designed with a lot more room for supplies extra stuff that we can always help the patient with," said Erik.

Pafford currently has two stations. One in Claremore with six ambulances and one in Catoosa with two. With more than 600 square miles to cover having new ambulances will cut down on possible breakdowns.

But the ambulances are not the only new improvement. 

"We've got brand new vents, we have brand new monitors brand new stretchers," said Erik.

Monitors that watch how well a patient’s heart is working. The ventilators help maintain airways and automatic stretchers will help load patients.

One of the new ambulances is already in service while the other two are expected to arrive in early September.