Transaction Goes Sour In Wagoner County, Seller & Buyer Accuse Each Other Of Scams

Wednesday, August 1st 2018, 9:59 pm
By: Brian Dorman

A Broken Arrow business owner responds to allegations she scammed a man out of hundreds of dollars.

She says she’s the one who is being scammed, all over the sale of a riding lawn mower.

On Monday, Yusuf Olabode and a friend showed up at Raychel Van Meter’s home to buy a riding lawn mower that she posted on the app “Offer Up.”

“I sat the receipt on top of his hood,” said Van Meter.  “He grabbed the receipt and gave me $500.  I said, ‘No, I want $600’ and I gave him his money back.”

She says Olabode and his friend began speaking together and something didn’t seem right.

Olabode says he paid the $600.  He says Van Meter even offered to deliver it, but when she didn’t show, things quickly escalated.

Olabode has messages he says are from Van Meter in which she threatened to turn him in to ICE – something his wife says she couldn’t believe.

“You can tell they’re immigrants and there may have been a language barrier there,” said Khylilah Olabode.  “So, maybe she didn’t expect that he would be resourceful enough to do anything about it.”

Olabode had his friend take pictures showing the transaction.  There are also video cameras on Van Meter’s house, but it’s unclear if they were recording at the time.

“This lady is lying,” Olabode said.  “I know that’s why we’re here.  No, I’m not crazy.”

Deputies were called, but this is considered a civil matter.

Records show deputies have been at Van Meter’s home 41 times in the past five years, with calls including disturbances, harassment, assault, domestic violence, drugs, and several burglaries.

When asked about the issue with Olabode, Van Meter said “the guy is a scam and a liar and you can talk to my attorney.”

She declined, however, to provide the name of her attorney.

Khylilah Olabode says, “even if we get ripped off, maybe someone else will be protected.”

The Olabodes want everyone to know they’re in the States legally.  Yusuf moved here from Nigeria to finish college.  They say they plan on filing a claim in small claims court.