Stolen Car Leads To Touching Reunion In Broken Arrow

Tuesday, July 31st 2018, 10:07 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Broken Arrow police remain on the lookout after five vehicles and a motorcycle were stolen last week.

One of the stolen vehicles has been recovered, and the reunion was between more than the car and its owner.

Officer Cody Stanton thought he was responding to a typical stolen car report, but it turns out it was no ordinary call for him.

“I was like looking out.  I was like, ‘is somebody playing a prank on me?’ and it was gone,” said car theft victim Laura Lacy.

Police say Lacy’s car was one of several stolen during a night of crime.  Police say that, not only were there four other cars and a motorcycle stolen, there were also six reports of burglaries from vehicles and a gun that was taken.

Lacy says she and her husband called police and OnStar to try to track her car down and then a familiar face showed up on her doorstep.

“She looked familiar the entire time I was there,” said Officer Stanton.

Lacy says, “I saw his tag.  It said ‘Stanton.’  I was like, ‘your first name is Cody, isn’t it?’ and he looked at me and he kind of smiled.”

And that big smile, Lacy says, matched up with the same child she taught and cared for years ago in summer daycare.

“Always one of the good ones – very obedient, very kind, and helpful and good to other kids,” said Lacy.

She says with the help of OnStar, Tulsa Police, Broken Arrow Police, and Officer Stanton, her car was located in just a few hours.

“It’s always nice when we get to see someone and return their stolen property,” said Stanton.

“I’m very grateful he’s a police officer.  I’m grateful he’s the one who came to my door,” said Lacy.  “I have to remember to call him Officer Stanton instead of Cody cause he’s always Cody to me, but Officer Stanton and Officer Golden definitely helped.  For that I was very, very thankful.”

Police are still investigating the other crimes.  If you have any information about the other stolen vehicles or vehicle burglaries, please contact Broken Arrow Police Department.