Ramona Family Rides Out High Winds In Storm Shelter

Tuesday, July 31st 2018, 1:21 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

People in Ramona are picking up debris and making repairs after Monday’s strong winds left a wave of damage.

"We were watching Family Feud and all of a sudden, it was like BAM," said resident Johnny Hollowell. 

Hollowell is still cleaning up after Monday's storm.

You'll find debris in his yard and his kids' trampoline on the other side of the street.

He lives just a couple hundred feet from the Caney Valley high school locker room where part of the roof was peeled off.

"It blew our trampoline over, blew this tree down, blew my motorcycles over," Hollowell said. "These trees were literally laying over, you know? I mean, it was probably the worst I've ever seen it."

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Johnny Hollowell and his family felt those strong winds coming through Monday and rushed to get into their storm shelter.

The storm ripped some of the siding and skirting off his mobile home, but the family is thankful it wasn't worse.

"It can go right up underneath it and it just picks it right up … you know, it's not a good combination to have."

The Hollowells' neighbors joined them in the storm shelter.

Johnny said he invites anyone else in his community to do the same whenever there's a big storm.

"Most people try to call. I'm like don't call. Just come over. If there's a storm, if I'm not home, just get in the storm shelter,” Hollowell said.