Police Investigating Rash Of Stolen Vehicles, Vehicle Break-Ins In Broken Arrow

Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 10:36 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Broken Arrow police are investigating several reports of stolen vehicles, burglaries from vehicles, and even a stolen gun.

Police say it may be connected to a ring of criminals.

Officers say they are looking into six stolen vehicle reports and another six vehicle burglary reports in what police say is an abnormal amount of crime.

“We think probably there is some conjunction, there is some coordinated effort there because it’s one area of town,” said Officer Mike Peale.

Police say sometime Sunday night into Monday morning, two vehicle burglaries and six stolen vehicles were reported in the northern part of Broken Arrow and another four burglaries were reported just south of that.

“At least two of the vehicles that were taken, not only were unlocked, but had the keys in the vehicle.  There was also a firearm taken,” said Peale.  “You become a victim, and you run the risk of other people becoming victims as well, because you have unintentionally armed a felon, you have armed a burglar,” stated Peale.

Police say right now they don’t know if all the crimes are related, but could be linked to a possible ring of burglars or car thieves.

People living in the area say it’s a quiet, safe neighborhood.

“I’m very surprised,” said resident Janet Skates.  “We’ve never had any trouble that I’ve heard of on this street or in this neighborhood, at least not in the last few years.”

Police are asking people to make sure to lock their vehicles and take out anything valuable, or that may look valuable.

Neighbors say they are always keeping a watchful eye out for one another.

“We’re familiar with each other and our patterns and, kind of, who visits the neighborhoods,” said Skates.  “We know who’s around and we keep a watch out for anything strange.”