Tulsa Mayor Says Construction is Underway On New Amazon Fulfillment Center

Thursday, July 19th 2018, 9:53 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

Mayor G.T. Bynum says construction is underway on the new Amazon fulfillment center. The site is expected to bring 1,500 jobs to the city and is to be the largest new employer in Tulsa's History.

The site located near 46th St. North and Highway 169 is not far from the Tulsa International Airport.

The Mayor says that 6 days after closing the deal Amazon started construction on its $130-million investment.

Mayor Bynum has just got returned from a trip to the UK where he told some of the largest companies in the world that Amazon is building this 2.5 million square foot facility here in just 13 months.

"Every time I told somebody that, their jaw dropped. They couldn't believe it. And so, what we're seeing now is not just because of Amazon, but we sort of have the Amazon 'good housekeeping' seal of approval as this is a city you can do business with"

Part of what helped was a speedy permit process since the city brought in all of the agencies and groups to permit the project before closing the deal.

Mayor Bynum says now other companies are showing interest in coming to Tulsa.