Two Arrested After Wagoner County Deputies Execute Search Warrant

Wednesday, July 18th 2018, 3:48 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Two people are in the Wagoner County Jail accused of exposing a young girl to dangerous drug activity.

Arthur Mathis and Kimberly Jones were arrested on several drug complaints.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott says, “we’ve had this house under surveillance for quite some time.”

Investigators say a search of Mathis’s home near Toppers, just east of Wagoner, revealed meth and marijuana, along with syringes and other paraphernalia.

Deputies say they also found a sawed-off shotgun, believed to be stolen from Muskogee County.

“In this particular case, I’m going to tell you, there wasn’t a lot of dope there.  So, we either missed the dope or he didn’t have it at the time,” said Elliott.

While executing the search warrant, deputies say they found a 12-year-old girl sleeping inside the home.

They say they don’t believe she had anything to do with the drug activity, but say she was exposed to dangerous and unhealthy conditions.

“It’s horrible,” stated Elliott.  “Can you imagine being a young, teenage girl and have to live in a house that has no water, no sewer?”

Sheriff Elliott says it’s possible other children could have been exposed to the drugs too.

Neighbors say they’re not surprised.

“Our investigation has shown that we believe there has been illegal activity, drug trafficking coming in and out of the house with children present,” said Elliott.

The 12-year-old girl is now safe with her family.