Trailer With Lawn Equipment Stolen Right In Front Of Tulsa Business

Thursday, July 12th 2018, 9:32 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Deandre Smith says thieves took away his livelihood and left him with a broken truck and some of their tools. Smith says it was business as usual on Thursday morning when he arrived at work that is until he got a surprising phone call from his manager. 

"Hey your trailer's missing, and I said no you're kidding and he was like no you need to come back to the shop," said Smith.

On that trailer, Smith says is thousands of dollars’ worth of lawn care equipment, he uses to make ends meet, working part-time during his off hours mowing lawns.

"They took my way of living and they stole it," said Smith. "I got lawn mowers weed eaters, blowers, all in my lawn trailer John Deere lawn mower a Honda."

The only items left, his truck with a broken steering column and tools, he says the thieves left behind. 

"I finally got a truck I finally got a trailer and I finally got a zero turn and now it's like all the stuff I've been working for three or four years is gone right now," said Smith.

Smith says he believes the thieves originally tried to take his truck and trailer but quite literally cut their losses and took only took the trailer. In the meantime, Smith says, he's trying to figure out how he'll recover.

"I don't make enough money too, pay all my bills so I have to mow yards in the summertime to make it through the winter," said Smith. "For them to take somebody else's stuff there's obviously something wrong."

Smith says the trailer is black with a wood bottom and bent back tail lights. If you know anything Contact Tulsa Police.