Cancer Survivor Says Smokable Medical Marijuana Saved Him

Thursday, July 12th 2018, 11:59 am
By: News On 6

Governor Mary Fallin signed the emergency rules  Wednesday, to establish the framework for medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

Following those controversial Medical Marijuana rules, proponents are sounding off. Along with them, a stage 4 cancer survivor who claims without the drug he would have died.

The Oklahoma Cannabis Trade Association and Oklahomans for Health say until the details of Medical Marijuana guidelines are ironed out Oklahomans will continue to die.

“Everyone who dies who could be treated with cannabis from now until we get this moving is on their heads,” said Oklahoma Cannabis Trade Association member Chris Moe.

That's a sentiment that was shared by many in the room, including Oklahomans for Health member Ray Jennings.

But it wasn't that long ago that Ray was on the other side of the fight.

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“I was totally anti-drug, no drugs. I didn't believe in it. I thought if you were smoking pot you were a loser,” said stage 4 cancer survivor Jennings.

But four years ago that all changed when he was diagnosed with stage 4 mouth cancer.

“They said the treatment that requires you to fight this is probably going to kill you if the cancer doesn't first,” said Jennings.

And it almost did.

“Three months of fighting chemo, 35 radiation treatments, horrific experience, I lost 95 pounds in less than 90 days,” said Jennings.  

Ray spent most of his days vomiting and unable to eat or swallow.

“I took every nausea medicine known to man, intravenously, pills, creams you name it I took it, none of it worked,” said Jennings.

On the brink of death, and with nothing to lose Ray said he finally gave into his family’s pleas to turn to marijuana.

“Let me tell you something, I smoked a little out of a pipe and within minutes I felt my whole body calm down. If I had to do an edible it would have never worked for me,” said Jennings.

At the time of his illness Ray also maintained a residence in Colorado.